Sun, snow & pastel skies

Snow covers the ground from November until May. First snow flakes usually fall down in November when Polar night time begins. Polar night period lasts until mid January. During this period sun doesn’t rise above the horizon but staying below the horizon it colours the sky with incredible pastel colours. First sun rays after polar night appear in the end of January and that’s when spring begins. Time for sun, ski touring and summer skiing.


Ski touring

Located 400 kilometres above Arctic Circle we have longest ski touring season in Finland from January to May. We operate in the vast wilderness area with highest peaks and longest runs in Finland.

Hop on and a sleigh ride will take you deep into wilderness. You can enjoy magnificent views on the way. Once we reach our destination, we leave snowmobile and sleigh down in the valley and reach the summit by our own muscle power either with skins and skis or snowshoes. Depending on group strength we do 1 to 5 runs. A delicious lunch complements the day.