Winter & polar night

Snow covers the ground from November until May. First snow flakes usually fall down in November when polar night time begins. Polar night period lasts until mid January. During this period sun doesn’t rise above the horizon but staying just below the horizon it colours the sky with incredible pastel colours during the day. In the evenings you can witness the amazing arctic phenomenon, The northern lights.


Night adventure by snowshoes

Kilpisjärvi village and the surrounding nature is one of the best places to see the magnificent northern lights when sky is clear!

We are on the border of maritime and continental climate and that’s why have very often clear sky which allows us to spot the northern lights.

This adventure takes you through the snowy forests we enjoy hot beverages and tasty snacks in the nature.


Snowgrouse hunting

Around Kilpisjärvi area we have excellent options for Snowgrouse hunting. We have access to the beautiful upland tundra of Finland and Sweden. Our new Cahkal Hotel is our basecamp for hunters seeking quality and comfortability.

Our Aika Kitchen is the perfect place to savour our traditional Arctic cuisine. Aika Kitchen’s menu is always created with the best local and seasonal ingredients from the Arctic nature. We plan to introduce the Hunters’ gala dinner, where our Chef will prepare your catch.


Sightseeing & netfishing

On this adventure you get to join our local guide to check his fishing nets. Fishing by nets has been the way to feed families for ages in Kilpisjärvi village. We make a sightseeing tour through the surrounding wilderness from hotel with snowmobile pulled sleigh to the fishing spot. After checking the nets we enjoy a tasty lunch. If we are lucky and catch a fish it’s possible to take the fish with us and prepare for dinner at Cahkal hotel. This delicacy can be found also from our restaurant menu.


Snow shoeing adventure

Snowshoeing is the easiest way to enjoy the surrounding snowy landscape. With Cahkal guides you can reach top of local mountains or just take an easy walk around close by snowy forests and tundra.

During the tour we enjoy hot beverages and tasty snacks in the nature.


Husky adventure

Have you ever dreamt of mushing your very own husky team in the Norwegian wilderness? The Alaskan huskys will greet you with excited barking and friendly attitude, willingly pulling the sled into the valley of Skibotn. We travel through the pinetree woods and into the beautiful white mountains. We will have a perfect view to the extraordinary mountain range, The Lyngen Alps.


Reindeer farm visit & sleigh ride

Our local reindeer farm is located next to Cahkal Hotel. We take a walk to the farm where we meet the local reindeer herder who tells us a bit about reindeer herding, a traditional local livelihood. We will also get to feed the reindeers and take photos for memories.

For a finishing touch we have a short reindeer ride together with the reindeer herder.


Snowmobile adventure

Would you like to experience Lapland’s most spectacular mountain sceneries while driving snowmobile in tundra wilderness? Before tour starts your tour guide will instruct how to operate the snowmobile. The tour will introduce you to the sights around Kilpisjärvi village and the surrounding wilderness.

For groups, different combinations can be bookable for the same departure, such as own or shared snowmobile alternatives. Use the search to find individual options.