Spring, sun & snow

We say that springtime starts when first sun rays appear after polar night in the end of January but truly the warming effect of sun begins in February. Springtime is celebration of the sun and the best time for snow activities such as skiing, snow shoeing and snowmobiling only to name a few. Don’t forget to bring your sunglasses and sun lotion!


Ski touring

Located 400 kilometres above Arctic Circle we have longest ski touring season in Finland from January to May. We operate in the vast wilderness area with highest peaks and longest runs in Finland.

Hop on and a sleigh ride will take you deep into wilderness. You can enjoy magnificent views on the way. Once we reach our destination, we leave snowmobile and sleigh down in the valley and reach the summit by our own muscle power either with skins and skis or snowshoes. Depending on group strength we do 1 to 5 runs. A delicious lunch complements the day.


Back country skiing

With back-country skis we can ski off the beaten track, enjoy the landscape behind Cahkal or go further away in the wilderness, all depending on weather, snow conditions and the endurance of the group. With snowmobile sleigh ride, we start our tour deeper in the wilderness

With back-country skis you can enjoy the same landscapes as in ski touring but the experience and safety equipment requirements are less harsh. Easiest tour is on flat Kilpisjärvi Lake. Kilpisjärvi surrounding wilderness is with it’s soft fells and valleys one of the world’s most magnificent areas for true back-country ski tours. We take our lunch break in the outdoors. When it gets dark or after 3-6 hours we return to Cahkal for a well deserved after ski by the fire place.


Husky adventure

Have you ever dreamt of mushing your very own husky team in the Norwegian wilderness? The Alaskan Huskys will greet you with excited barking and friendly attitude, willingly pulling the sled into the valley of Skibotn. We travel through the pinetree woods and into the beautiful white mountains. We will have a perfect view to the extraordinary mountain range, The Lyngen Alps.


Snowmobile adventure

Would you like to experience Lapland’s most spectacular mountain sceneries while driving snowmobile in tundra wilderness? Before tour starts your tour guide will instruct how to operate the snowmobile. The tour will introduce you to the sights around Kilpisjärvi village and the surrounding wilderness.