Aika Kitchen & Bar

You will discover a mixture of tradition and modernity in the drinks and dishes of Aika Kitchen & Bar. Our floor-to-ceiling windows and scenery terrace let you admire the surrounding nature from the break of dawn till the slowly fading light of dusk. Aika Kitchen is open daily at 18.00-22.00. Lounge bar serves refreshments daily at 9.00-22.00

Our rich and tasty breakfast is served at Aika Kitchen & Bar daily at 7.30-10.00. Breakfast is complimentary for the guests of Cahkal Hotel. We welcome all locals and other travelers to enjoy our breakfast for 22€/person.


Aika Kitchen

Aika Kitchen is the perfect place to savour the catch of the day and our traditional Arctic cuisine. Aika Kitchen’s menu is always created with the best local and seasonal ingredients from the Arctic nature.