1. Where is Cahkal Hotel located?
We are located in a small village of Kilpisjärvi in Finnish Lapland in the very northwesternmost point of Finland.
It’s only a 10-minute drive to the border of Norway and a 40-minute drive to the Arctic Ocean.

2. Which airports would you recommend us to fly to?
We have a private shuttle service for our guests from the following airports: Kittilä and Enontekiö in Finland, Tromso in Norway, and Kiruna in Sweden.

3. When is the best time to see the Northern lights?
It’s been studied that the Kilpisjärvi region has the best probability in Finland to witness the northern lights. There is a really good chance to spot the Northern lights from the end of August until March.
However, we cannot guarantee Northern Lights as it is a natural phenomenon. In addition, many things affect the visibility of the Northern Lights, like magnetic activity, sun position, and sky cloudiness.

4. Will we have to go far from Cahkal Hotel to see the Northern Lights?
Our location is the perfect spot to see the Northern lights. As there is very little light pollution here in Kilpisjärvi village, you just need to step out from the hotel or even stay inside your hotel room and enjoy the phenomena from the large windows of your hotel room.

5. Can I experience the polar night as your guest?
Yes! The polar night period lasts from the end of November until mid-January. During the polar night period, you get to witness the beautiful pastel colors at daytime and northern lights at nighttime

6. Can I see whales as your guest?
Yes! We organize whale-watching experiences with local companies at The Arctic Ocean. Whales arrive in the Arctic Ocean to eat herring fish is approximately from mid-October to mid-January.

7. Can I experience the midnight sun as your guest?
Yes! The midnight sun period lasts from the end of May until the end of July. During the midnight sun period, the sun doesn’t set at all below the horizon, and it can be tricky to know if it is day or night.

8. Can I experience fly fishing as your guest?
Yes! We have world-class fishing waters in our area! We have excellent waters for grayling, arctic char, trout, whitefish, and pike. It’s not rare to catch even trophy size fishes.

9. Can I enjoy the sauna at Cahkal Hotel?
Yes definitely! We have a wonderful sauna with spectacular views of the surrounding nature and mountains. After the sauna, you can sit and relax at the sauna terrace and listen to the sounds of river Cahkal or light up the fireplace in the sauna lounge and enjoy the views through the large windows.

10. Can I drink tap water at your hotel?
Yes! We have the purest water in the world. You can drink it with no worries whatsoever.

11. Do you use sustainable energy at Cahkal Hotel?
Yes! Our heating system operates by geothermal heating, and solar panels provide us with solar power for electricity.

12. Do you have charging stations for electric vehicles?
We have charging stations for two electric vehicles.

13. Can I book Cahkal Hotel privately?
Yes, we are perfect for a full buyout. For private hotel inquiries, please get in touch with Cahkal Hotel by e-mail info@cahkalhotel.fi

14. Do you have an internet connection and wifi at the hotel?
Even though our hotel is located right next to the wilderness, we have a very good internet connection on all our premises. The use of wifi is always included in our guest’s room rates.

15. What kind of clothes should I bring with me?
It is recommended that you bring warm, comfortable clothing with you.
In the summer the most important thing to wear is waterproof boots. You will also need something light to wear during the day and something warm like a pullover for the evenings during summer.
You’ll need your own under layers and shell jacket & trousers for winter activities. We will provide warm overalls for sleigh transfers. If you don’t have your winter clothing, it’s possible to use overalls for soft activities, such as snowmobiling or snowshoeing. However, wearing multiple layers and shell clothing on top is much more comfortable, so it’s better to use it if you have your gear.

16. Can I have local food as your guest?
Yes! Our cuisine is focused on local ingredients such as fresh white fish from local fishers, reindeer meat, and berries, only to name a few.