The wilderness experience

Cahkal Hotel Experiences

Explore the Cahkal’s surrounding wilderness with our local guides and get unforgettable experiences to remember! We present a wide spectrum of different activities that are suitable for different seasons and tailored to your wishes.
You can choose your favourite wilderness adventure from our Adventure weekly program and join with a small group of hotel guests or book a private adventure exclusively only for you.


For nature, with passion

“I have enjoyed being in nature since I was a child. When I’m in the mountain wilderness, I feel at peace.

I’m also the perfect example of how your beloved hobby can turn into your profession. Ski touring, fly fishing and mountain biking are a way of life for me. I’m happy to show our guests a glimpse of my lifestyle and share my strong connection with the local nature.”

Ville Eskonen, Chief Experience Officer / Co-owner


Summer & midnight sun

Summer in Kilpisjärvi village is short and magical! Usually Lake Kilpisjärvi and Lake Cahkal gets free from ice in June and flowers blossom in July. At the end of August you can already see Northern lights in the evening when it gets dark. September is time for natures incredible colours to shine, autumn foliage is truly magical!


Autumn & fall foliage

Snow covers the ground from November until May. First snow flakes usually fall down in November when Polar night time begins. Polar night period lasts until mid January. During this period sun doesn’t rise above the horizon but staying below the horizon it colours the sky with incredible pastel colours. First sun rays after polar night appear in the end of January and that’s when spring begins. Time for sun, ski touring and summer skiing.


Winter & polar night

Have you ever seen one of the worlds amazing miracles, the Northern lights? Witnessing Aurora Borealis is on many experiental travellers bucket list. All you need is to travel north and then some good luck and clear skies! In our village northern lights are visible from end of August until March so depending on the current season we can either hike, bike or ski to the surrounding nature to admire the spectacular light show in the sky.


Spring , sun & snow

We say that spring time starts when first sun rays appear after polar night in the end of January but truly the warming effect of sun begins in February. Spring time is celebration of the sun and the best time for snow activities such as skiing, snow shoeing and snowmobiling only to name a few. Don’t forget to bring your sun glasses and sun lotion!


Sauna experience

The large window of the steam room lets you admire the astonishing Saana mountain. Cool off on the terrace and enjoy the view while listening to the calming sound of the Cahkal River. In addition to the sauna, we have a cosy lounge room with a fireplace.

Enjoy the sauna experience by common sauna shift or book a private sauna.



We take nature and sustainability seriously when it comes to providing adventure services. To mention a few of our efforts, here are some of the things we have established:

– We use fuel-efficient snowmobiles.
– We don’t leave anything behind in the mountains. Everything we take with us, comes back with us.
– We follow selective fishing principles.
– We use biodegradable detergents and lubricants for bike maintenance.

Safety measures

Because all the activities are done in the wilderness, we take extra care with safety. We make a safety plan before each trip that maps down the risk factors on the trip. To tailor the trip to your needs, we ask you to fill in a basic form to learn your skill level, physical condition and state of health.

Our trained and professional guides know the wilderness by heart and use state-of-the-art, up-to-date equipment, including satellite phones, GPS devices and first aid equipment.