At the gates of wilderness

Cahkal Hotel in Kilpisjärvi, Finnish Lapland, is a perfect destination for anyone who values Arctic wellbeing and is looking for an exclusive stay with guided activities. The backyard of the hotel opens up to an astonishing Arctic scenery of wilderness.

We value our pure Arctic surroundings and want to take action to preserve them for future generations. Since we’ve had the chance to create our services from scratch, we have chosen environmentally-friendly ways to build. All our buildings are built out of wood materials, and for heating and electricity, we use geothermal heating and solar power. We also provide charging stations for two electric vehicles.

With just a few steps from the hotel’s doors, you are in nature. Our hotel operates all year round, so you have a chance to experience all the seasons the Arctic has to offer. Our aim is to exist side by side with nature, respecting and admiring its might. Cahkal hotel is the ideal place to start exploring the arctic wilderness. Enjoy the quiet of the mountains and feel the wind on your face while admiring nature’s beautiful creations.

Distances to nearest commercial airports

Tromsø, Norway 160 km & 2.5 hours
Kittilä, Finland 270 km & 3.5 hours
Kiruna, Sweden 290 km & 3.5 hours
Alta, Norway 312 km & 4.5 hours
Rovaniemi, Finland 424 km & 5.5 hours

Location on Google maps

You can also land at these airports with a private jet. We offer airport pick up services for our guests.