Summer & midnight sun

Summer in Kilpisjärvi village is short and magical! Usually Lake Kilpisjärvi and Lake Cahkal gets free from ice in June and flowers blossom in July. At the end of August you can already see Northern lights in the evening when it gets dark.



E-bikes provide assistance so you can cycle with ease for longer and when wished, also on more demanding routes. On our electric bike tour, we cycle through the spectacular landscapes and get to admire the views to Sweden, Norway and Finland. During the tour we enjoy delicious lunch outdoors and drink pure water straight from the river streams.


Fly fishing

Cahkal’s unforgettable fly fishing experience can be done in different ways depending on targeted fish and guests wishes. In our pure and clear waters, you can aim to catch grayling, arctic char, trout, whitefish, perch and/or pike. Fishing from a belly boat is also popular at our waters. Cahkal’s local and experienced guides choose the best destination according to your targeted fish and the prevailing weather.

To reach the waters we can hike or use e-bikes. For more exclusive fishing experiences, we use helicopter to reach the waters. A delicious lunch and coffee always complement the fishing day.


Taste of the wilderness nature

Cleanest air and nature in the world. What could be better than pick the best berries, herbs, and mushrooms straight from the Cahkal’s surrounding nature. Our backyard is full of forest treasures and nature’s own ”gold”. In Finland every man’s right allows you to collect and enjoy these delicacies. Join with us to collect the season’s best berries and herbs. After collecting we take the catch to the kitchen and prepare a delicious pie together with Cahkal’s chef.


Hiking in the midnight sun

Explore the surrounding nature and the amazing midnight sun phenomena which can be experienced in Kilpisjärvi village from end of May until end of July. Term “midnight sun” refers to the consecutive 24-hour periods of sunlight, the sun doesn’t set at all during this period.

Midnight sun hiking can be done as a short hike or we can conquer the mighty Saana mountain (1029 m alt.)


Arctic Ocean hiking

Cahkal Hotel’s amazing location at the border of Finland and Norway allows to reach The Arctic Ocean by car in only 40 minutes. Join us to experience the beautiful ocean and mountain views of Norway. On our guided tour you get to explore the best routes and views that are reachable on a day tour. Our experienced guides select the destination according to the prevailing weather and the wishes of the guests. During the tour we enjoy delicious lunch outdoors.


Conquering famous Saana mountain

Saana Mountain is the most dominant mountain in Kilpisjärvi landscape. It rises directly from the village and reaches 1029 meters above sea level. Topping the Saana Mountain is on many visitors bucket list. When reaching the top you get magnificent 360 degrees view over Finland, Sweden and Norway.

With our experienced local guides, you will get most knowledge about unique surrounding nature, it’s rich history and delicate arctic nature. During the tour we enjoy delicious lunch outdoors.


Visit three country cairn

The three country cairn marks the point where international borders of Norway, Sweden and Finland meet.

With Cahkal’s local guides you get to hear the history of this Three country cairn monument and get to visit all three countries in 30 seconds!

Tour consists of a 30 minute scenic boat ride to Koltalahti where we start our 3 kilometer easy hike to The three country cairn. After taking memorable photos we hike back to the boat and get a ride back to the Kilpisjärvi village. This is a bucket list to do!


Sauna experience

The large window of the steam room lets you admire the astonishing Saana mountain. Cool off on the terrace and enjoy the view while listening to the calming sound of the Cahkal River. In addition to the sauna, we have a cosy lounge room with a fireplace.

Enjoy the sauna experience by common sauna shift or book a private sauna.